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JYHQ works with clients to deliver projects that contribute meaningful outcomes to communities.

JYHQ is a project delivery capability specialising in projects that contribute meaningful outcomes to the community.

Scott Kerr talks about JYHQ

90% of projects do not meet their intended outcomes.

Have you observed any of the following indicators in your organisation?

  • Projects do not meet the inital business case benefits
  • Project governance is not fit for purpose across projects
  • Portfolio and project health reporting is not holistic or consistent
  • The change readiness of the organisation is not aligned to the business change
  • The prioritisation of projects is often subjective and not tied to strategy
  • Employees directly impacted by project changes do not understand the project vision and intent
  • Projects often see schedule overruns and / or budget increases

Our expertise is in turning these obstacles into avenues for greater success

How We Help

Trusted Advisory

Change Driven Project Delivery

JYHQ Value Delivery Office

Why work with JYHQ?

We deliver on our promises

Our passionate team have the experience, capability and drive for success – ensuring meaningful results at every turn in any project we manage and support.

We focus on the measures that truly drive success

We take an innovative approach by connecting with communities and understanding their individual needs. Driving successful business outcomes and socioeconomic benefit realisation.

Our projects succeed through simplicity

Our process is geared towards simplifying the complex. We focus on uncovering key lead indicators so we can anticipate and address problems quickly and easily for better results.

We create a powerful partner ecosystem

From the board to our senior practitioners, it’s a matter of purpose and pride. Our mission is to build a team-of-teams and connected partner ecosystems with a shared understanding of project success.

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Ready to drive meaningful results your next project?

Together, we can strive to make a lasting impact in our community. Get in touch with the JYHQ team today!